Troubleshoot The Lenovo Y700 Factory Reset Error Without A Hassle – Follow Step by Step Guide

Lenovo gadgets are prone to various kinds of technical problems and resetting it to its default settings is the only solution to fix most of them.

Sometimes, the issue can involve corrupted drivers or OS installation, which can freeze your Lenovo device. Otherwise, any kind of virus or malware attack can lead to system failure in the Lenovo YOGA, IdeaPad, ThinkPad and other models in this brand. This is when experts suggest applying Lenovo Y700 factory reset in order to resolve such system errors.

If you are experiencing any error that can be resolved only by factory resetting the Lenovo device, go through this article. Here, you can refer to the solutions, which has been tried by professionals to factory reset Lenovo Y700 and other gadgets. 

Stepwise Instructions To Perform Lenovo Y700 Factory Reset With/Without Password

If you are annoyed with any specific problem, it is best to apply Lenovo Y700 Factory Reset. Hence, if you want to troubleshoot the issues like frozen screen, virus attacks or corrupted hard drive and components, you need to restore the default settings. So, let’s take a look at the steps that you can try while doing a factory reset Lenovo Y700. 

How to Restore your Lenovo Y700 by Applying System Recovery?

While performing a Factory Reset on your Lenovo device, you need to check if any recovery key was provided with it. Basically, the information regarding the device recovery can be found either on top of your laptop or at the side (left/right). So, once you figure out the recovery key for applying the Factory Reset, follow the steps as discussed below:

Instructions to Factory Reset Lenovo Using Novo Button

First, turn off your Lenovo Y700 by following proper steps to shut down the device. In case, it doesn’t work, switch off the power supply and take out the battery unit from the laptop. 

Wait for some time and reconnect your Lenovo laptop to the power source. Now, hit the ‘Novo’ button, which is provided along the edge of the device. You need to press this key for around 5 seconds for initializing the recovery or factory reset mode.

Next, open the Desktop and wait for Novo Button Menu to appear on your device’s screen. You will find a few options that you can perform on your device using the Novo key. This includes Normal Setup, BIO Setup, Boot Menu, and System Recovery. Hence, you can select the tab for ‘System Recovery’ by using the Down arrow button on your keyboard. 

After selecting the ‘System Recovery’ option, hit the ‘Enter’ key and choose the tab for ‘Restore from initial backup’. Then press the tab for ‘Next’ and also click on ‘Start’. If your Lenovo device generates any message popup to confirm this action, hit the ‘Yes’ button. 

Finally, wait until your system completes the recovery process and then reboot your Lenovo Y700. If the problem persists and your device is unable to reset to its Factory Settings, it will require technical fixes from the experts. 

What are the Steps to Apply Factory Reset Without Lenovo Login Password?

The following instructions will help in resetting your Lenovo device if you don’t remember the log-in password. So, to perform this method, you will have to utilize a repair or setup disk to restore factory settings on your Lenovo Y700. Now, go through the following instructions to restore the Lenovo device to its default version. 

Apply these Steps to Restore Lenovo to Default Settings

First, attach the setup or repair disk to your Lenovo device or insert the flash drive having the recovery software. Then follow proper steps in order to boot Lenovo Y700 with the help of this recovery disk. 

If you observe that the laptop is not booting with the setup disk, hit the tab of ‘F2’ or ‘F1’ to enter into the BIO settings. You can also get in touch with a Lenovo technician for booting your laptop from the repair disk. 

Next, open the OS installation screen and click on the ‘Next’ button. After that, click on the link of ‘Repair your computer’ from the bottom-left of the display. Now, hit the tab for ‘Troubleshoot’ and select the option of ‘Reset this PC’.

On the window, you will have to choose between ‘Keep my files’ and the option of ‘Remove everything’. So, in order to reset the Lenovo laptop, click on ‘Remove everything’ and select ‘Only the drive where Windows is installed’. 

You can also click on ‘All drives’ if the Windows installation files are present in a different location. Also, you have the option to choose either ‘Full clean the drive’ or ‘Just remove my files’.

If you are not sure about which one to select, you can consult a professional to suggest the proper resetting tab. Finally, click on the ‘Reset’ button and wait for the Lenovo device to restore back to its original settings. 

In this article, it has covered the step by step instructions for applying the process of Lenovo Y700 factory reset. Somehow, if you are experiencing any problems while following the instructions, it’s time to approach the professionals. They can suggest you more advanced steps for performing a factory reset on your Lenovo Y700 and other models.

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