Lenovo WiFi Problem Windows 10| Fix Wireless Network Issues With The Best Solutions

Switching to Windows 10 enables the users to make use of advanced feature but, not without experiencing WiFi-related problems. This wireless issue can hit your machine due to several reasons, which includes both hardware and software related problems. According to many Lenovo device users, using a corrupted network adapter can trigger WiFi error. Also, there are some, who assumes that upgrading to Windows 10 is the possible reason behind not working on wireless device drivers. So, unless you fix the problems, there are chances to encounter network connectivity problems on your machine. Hence, to know more about the underlying causes of Lenovo WiFi problem Windows 10, go through this article. Here, you can also get some of the best possible solutions to troubleshoot wireless issues along with step by step instructions.

Top Causes that Can Trigger Lenovo WiFi Problem Windows 10

If you are curious about the reasons that can lead to Lenovo WiFi problem Windows 10, check the following information. It will help you to understand what can go wrong with the wireless drivers in your Lenovo machine and generate this problem. Once, you are aware of the actual issue regarding WiFi connectivity, it will be easier to apply the most appropriate solution. So, let’s take a look at some of the common problems that can disrupt wireless connections in Lenovo devices.

If the network adapter settings are not properly configured on your Lenovo device, it can cause this issue. Moreover, this can also lead to server connectivity problems for users who are using Windows 10 on their systems.

According to a certain group of customers, they are unable to make use of the WiFi on specific Lenovo Yoga gadgets. Hence, this can indicate that the feature of the wireless adapter is having conflicts with the components of these Operating Systems.

Sometimes, a major hardware problem can also be the sole reason behind malfunctions in wireless drivers. Hence, if there is an issue with the Memory Stick, Graphics Card, modem or router, it can generate this issue in Lenovo device.

Often, your Lenovo device can produce this error message, specifically if it is connected to more than one wireless network.  Hence, there can also be issues while connecting the WiFi due to interference between other devices.

How To Resolve WiFi Problem In Lenovo Machine Based On Windows 10?

Now that you are aware of the list of problems that can lead to Lenovo WiFi problem Windows 10, it’s time to check the fixes. But, before applying this method, you need to ensure that the wireless adapters have proper configuration settings. So, first, determine which frequency band (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) your device is using. This parameter can differ for each and every device on the basis of its geographic location.

In some regions, there can be multiple channels available for the users for setting their wireless network. So, you can follow proper technical instructions to identify the frequency option on your router or take help from a technician. This will help to troubleshoot the issue beforehand if Lenovo y50 70 WiFi problem Windows 10 is occurring due to incorrect frequency selection. Somehow, if this is the issue, you will have to check the network range of the wireless device. Also, you can apply restart for your router and check whether the wireless problem is fixable or not. In case, it doesn’t work, try to apply the solutions in the following points and resolve WiFi error on Lenovo device.

Methods for Fixing WiFi Problem in Lenovo Device that Has Windows 10:

Apply these solutions and troubleshoot wireless network issues on your Windows 10 based Lenovo machine.

Method 1: Apply Recent Updates for Wireless Network Adapter

If the Internet connection is having some stability problem due to network fluctuation, try to update the Wifi adapter drivers. Sometimes, this issue can occur mainly due to an incompatibility problem with the wireless drivers on Windows 10.

To apply this fix, launch the Run Dialog box by hitting both the Windows logo button and the R key at the same time. Next, write the command ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the box and click on the ‘OK’ button.

This above step will help you to access the Device Manager window on Windows 10 and then you will be able to see the list of devices. Here, you need to scroll down the items and locate the option of ‘Network adapters’. Then view the expand settings and select the WLAN card drivers on your Lenovo machine.

If you can’t view the Wi-Fi network card in this section, go to the section of ‘Others’ and try to find the faulty driver. One of the easiest ways to identify the defective wireless adapter driver is by the yellow triangle sign beside it.

Once, you successfully select the WiFi adapter driver on your device, choose the option of ‘Update driver software’ after right-clicking on it. Now, you can select the feature of ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ or choose the manual option.

Then wait for Windows to search for the latest and correct updates for drivers compatible on Windows 10. After installing the appropriate updates for the wireless network card, try to restart your PC. Next, you can attempt to launch the web browser and check if you can access websites without any problems. If the issue persists, move to the next method for fixing WiFi error in Lenovo device using Windows 10.

Method 2: Undo Recent Changes to WiFi Adapter Drivers

On many Lenovo machines based on Windows 10, the wireless related issues can surface due to any unnecessary updates. Hence, if you have updated any driver or the Operating System on your PC, try this method. Now, let’s check the step-wise sequences in order to roll back to previous drivers for your WiFi adapter.

Start with pressing the Windows logo button and R key and write ‘devmgmt.msc’ like you have applied in the previous method. Then wait for Windows Device Manager to show up on your screen and select ‘Network adapters’ from the list of options.

On viewing its expanded section, locate the WLAN card driver used by your Lenovo machine. Now, right-click on this card device or driver and choose the option of ‘Roll back’. You can also initiate the rolling back procedure by clicking on the ‘Properties’ tab and select ‘Rollback Driver’.

In case, rolling back to the previous driver version doesn’t resolve wireless issues, try to reinstall the WiFi adapters.

Method 3: Remove WiFi Driver and Reboot Device After Reinstallation

In case the wireless drivers installed is causing problems with the network connectivity, you can try this solution. Here, at first, you need to delete the corrupted driver for your WiFi adapter and start a new fresh installation. So, in order to gain clarity on technical guidance for applying this method, refer to the following steps.

Instructions to Uninstall Wireless Adapter from your System

To begin this method, first, open the Run dialog box (Windows+R) and launch the Device Manager window. You can refer to the steps discussed in the previous solution and find the device for ‘Network adapters’.

Now, locate the WLAN card driver on your Windows-based system and right-click on it. Then choose the option of ‘Uninstall’ and wait for your system to remove all the incompatible and corrupted WiFi drivers.

In the next step, you need to restart your Windows 10 based Lenovo machine by following proper steps. After that, reboot your system and it will automatically recognize the changes in the hardware settings. So, simply apply the latest updates for your Operating System or wireless adapter during the next booting process.

Manual Method for Reinstalling WiFi Adapter for Windows 10

You can simply follow this method if restarting your computer after uninstalling wireless adapter doesn’t work. So, implement the following steps in order to reinstall the appropriate drivers for fixing wireless network issues.

For trying this fix, open Device Manager in Windows 10 and hit the ‘Action’ tab. Also, select the option of ‘Scan for hardware changes’ in your PC. This will enable the user to view the list of drivers that are uninstalled from his/her system recently. Hence, you can restore them by applying steps for reinstalling the wireless adapter drivers.

Somehow, if the above steps don’t resolve the WiFi connectivity error, try to find the ‘Other devices’ section in Device Manager. Then search for the WiFi adapter device, which will have some kind of error sign next to it. So, look for the name that appears along with a yellow triangle symbol indicating some kind of error.

Once you locate the defective driver that is giving this error, right-click on that option. Then choose the option of ‘Update Driver Software’ and hit the tab for ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. Hopefully, you will be able to connect to WiFi network after installing the updated wireless driver for Lenovo device.

Method 4: Run Windows Troubleshooter to Fix WiFi Network

If none of the above solutions fix Lenovo y50 70 WiFi problem Windows 10, try to launch the built-in troubleshooting tools. According to many networking technicians, you can easily resolve wireless issues by running this troubleshooting program.

To apply this solution, launch the Run dialog box by following the above fixes and write ‘control’ in the text field. Then wait for Windows to display the option of Control Panel and click on it.

As the Control Panel window appears on your device’s display, go to the search box. After this, type ‘troubleshooter’ in the box and locate the tab for ‘Troubleshooting’.

On clicking this feature, you will view a new window with a list of devices and components on Lenovo. Hence, hit the tab for ‘Configure a device’ after clicking on ‘Hardware and Sound item’.

In case your system prompts you to confirm this action, simply type your admin password or click the ‘Yes’ button. Then select the ‘Next’ tab, Windows will run its built-in troubleshooter and scan for issues.

This fix not only scans your computer for detecting the problems but, it can install missing drivers for your WiFi adapter. Finally, restart your Lenovo machine and see if the troubleshooting feature is useful for fixing wireless issues.

Method 5: Modify Adapter Region for WiFi Settings

Another great way to troubleshoot WiFi adapter issues on Lenovo devices is by changing the adapter region. Hence, follow the steps in previous solutions to open the ‘Network adapter’ page. Also, find the wireless adapter on your PC and right-click on it.

Next, you need to choose the option of ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Here, you will have to locate the section of ‘Country and Region’ and select appropriate values.

Somehow, if the solutions discussed in this article can’t resolve  Lenovo WiFi problem Windows 10, you can always consult a technician for better solutions.

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